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Hi! I’m Cheryl!

I’m an Aromatherapist dedicated to introducing others to the amazing ways essential oils can support your well-being.

My workshops are designed to provide essential oil education in a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

Cheryl Desmond Certified Aromatherapist

Why Aromatherapy?

Power of Plants

Endless Benefits...

Why Cherry Hill Aromas?

Using aromatherapy to help maintain or improve your health should not be a stressful process. My approach to aromatherapy is simple, take it one step at a time and have fun learning!

My workshops offer an environment where you will learn the basics of aromatherapy while discovering several essential oils you will use to make your own products.

I am dedicated to helping others learn how to utilize aromatherapy in an enjoyable, relaxing environment. Cherry Hill Aromas’ vision is education, particularly to help everyone respect the power of essential oils.

If you are interested in learning about aromatherapy (without a sales pitch) you have come to the right place!

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“Cheryl has always had the ability to share her knowledge in a fun, simplified manner with her audience. She puts her heart and soul into her endeavors and makes you want to learn more about what she is sharing with you. She is kind and caring in her approach, which makes for a great mentor and friend as well.” –Jackie Conroy